What kidneys want?


To flush out toxin hence preventing bacteria build up in kidneys

Fruit and vegetable

12355132 vitamins and minerals1
Vitamin A and c from kale, spinach aids in strengthening the immune system and healthy kidney cells.

Peaches, watermelon,grapes which are sources of a soluble fiber and antioxidants

Vitamin D-
sources-Mushroom, fortified soy milk, almond milk, whole food which help regulate kidney function.

Vitamin C
Sources-Oranges, grapefruits, apples, guava, berries for immunes system hence preventing infection.

Iron and vitamin B

sources-oats, grains, liver which is important in preventing kidney stones.




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Fruits and vegetables

12355132 vitamins and minerals1

Vitamin E
Sources-Sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter, spinach, avocado.

The oxidant help to neutralize toxin hence a healthy liver

Vitamin C and A

.It contains a powerful antioxidant to neutralize harmful radicals and maintain healthy liver cells.
LIver stores vitamin A and releases some to the body when needed.

Vitamin B-12
sources-salmon, eggs, milk, whole grains, fortified foods.
antioxidants that neutralize toxin in the liver


12355132 vitamins and minerals1

Sources-spinach, mustard greens, kales.

They are sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber and minerals which are vital for a healthy liver.
Whole grains-sources of nutrients which needed for optimum liver function.

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What lungs want.

Exercises-It help strengthen and increase lungs efficiency

Water-Help maintaining hydrated lungs, cleansing the blood vessels going in and out of lungs.

Fruits and vegetables


Vitamins,chlorophyll,minerals.Sources-cabbage,broccoli,kale,spinach which help neutralize hamrful radicals away from lungs.



Sources-apple,pomegranates,tomatoes,carrots vegetables,oranges,grapefruits.

Inhibit and slows growth of tumors, cancer cells.

Vitamin C.

Sources-apple,oranges,guava,berries,carrots,pumpkin.THey boost the immune system and help maintain healthy lungs cells.

Magnesium, the amino acid.

Sources-beans,seeds,nuts,fish.Good for the lungs and cardiovascular system


Sources-carrot.apricots,apple.Good for respiratory tract linings inhibit lung infections.


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Best food for your heart


Fats and nuts

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Omega -3 fatty acids from salmon,tuna,mackerel,flaxseed,almond,walnut,peanut are good for your heart

They decrease triglycerides and increase HDL-cholesterol, improves blood vessel elasticity.

Have fiber good for your heart.



Vitamin E:Avacoda,dark green vegetables,whole grains,vegatable oils.

Where it helps against bad choleserol

Fruits and vegeatables


Tomatoes which has potassium,antioxidant lycopene

which lowers bad cholesreol,keep blood vesel elastic.


Source of vitamins,zinc,antioxidants,potassium which are vital for health heart.

Pomegranate:Contain polyphenols and anthocyanins

which prevents hardening of the arties.

Legumes and whole grain


Legumes:beans,peas,lentils are good source of protein for body building.

Green tea:Catechins antioxidant which neutrakizes free radicals

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Food friendly to a stomach.


Vegetables and fruits


Vitamin B1(Thiamine)Sources-Kales, spinach, apple, fortified food, whole grain. Help convert the carbohydrates into energy for body use.

Vitamin B6. Help your body process protein you eat to form that body can readily use

Biotin. It helps your digestive system produce good cholesterol

Vitamin B2.helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and ketone bodies, besides enhancing the mucosal membrane in the digestive tract.

Vitamin B3.helps in the production of gastric juices and the secretion of bile that is needed to digest fats.

Vitamin C.
Sources-berries,guava,oranges,citrus fruits,peppers.It helps strengthen the immune system, also absorption of iron

Vitamin A
Sources-Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, liver, milk.

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