Food high in vitamins and minerals.

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Vitamin C

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Food lose weight quickly


Food help lose weight quickly


.High potassium food

Sources-sea food,beef,milk,eggs,beans,soy.It leads to less hunger, more satisfaction and promotes weight loss due to more fat burn .

Vinegar . A study has shown to prevent body fat accumulation

Fiber.Sources-Beans, whole grains, brown rice, berries.Makes one more satisfied hence eating less

Honey. It improves blood sugar regulation and immunity.

Vitamin C.Oranges,guava,berries,tomatoes.It increases body fat oxidation during exercises.






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Healthy tips for good health.

Health tips


Take whole grains as opposed to processed grains.Whole wheat bread, rye bread, brown rice, whole grain cereal.

Have Omega-3 fatty acid. Salmon, mackerel, tuna are a healthy option.

Reduce the number of salt intakes by limiting the amount of processed fast food you take which has high sodium quantity.

Introduce vegetables and fruits in your food budget. They are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals which is essential for optimal body function.

If you have a garden, grow fruits and vegetables. This will ensure you have a cheaper and consistent supply of nutrients to your family.

Taking protein early in the day can help reduce sugar craving later in the day. This helps blood regulation




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