Worst food for your teeth

Soft drinks.

Soft drinks are highly acidic and high sugar content leads to tooth decay, gum disease.

HIghly acidic food.Alcohol, pickles, tomatoes lead to gum disease, teeth decay due to their high acidic level.

Coffee sweeten is an enemy to your teeth due to it sticky nature that provides an environment of disease-causing bacteria to grow.

Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth which reduces saliva flow leading to tooth decay or gum infection.

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Food that lowers risk of diabetes

Fruits and vegetables

12355132 vitamins and minerals1

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Best food for your heart

Fats and nuts

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Omega -3 fatty acids from salmon,tuna,mackerel,flaxseed,almond,walnut,peanut are good for your heart

They decrease triglycerides and increase HDL-cholesterol, improves blood vessel elasticity.

Have fiber good for your heart.



Vitamin E:Avacoda,dark green vegetables,whole grains,vegatable oils.

Where it helps against bad choleserol

Fruits and vegeatables


Tomatoes which has potassium,antioxidant lycopene

which lowers bad cholesreol,keep blood vesel elastic.


Source of vitamins,zinc,antioxidants,potassium which are vital for health heart.

Pomegranate:Contain polyphenols and anthocyanins

which prevents hardening of the arties.

Legumes and whole grain


Legumes:beans,peas,lentils are good source of protein for body building.

Green tea:Catechins antioxidant which neutrakizes free radicals


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