How to access Joomla Administrator area:

You access Joomla Administrator area by adding /administrator/ to your site's name home page.

For instance, your site's is-,  you add /administrator/ and should look like this- and Enter.

You will see a login screen


Enter the username and password you created during Joomla installations.

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How to change session lifetime in joomla:

Log into your joomla Administrator area-

  • Select site then click Global Configuration 
  • Click system within the list of tabs at the top of the page


  • In the session lifetime, makes the changes that you wish to make.
  • Click save.


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Import a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin:

Go to your phpMyAdin area-

  •  Select the database in the left column that you will be working on or
  • Click on NEW to create a new database.
  • Once you have create a new database or selected a database you will be working on
  • Click import button on the top menu bar
  • Under the file to import , click browse and then select the file(.sql,.zip,.tar.gz file) you intend to import.
  • Click go at the bottom right.







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How to find module positions in joomla:

Go to your administrator area:

  • click Extensions drop down and select Templates


  • Click options
  • On preview modules positions, change to Enabled
  • Click save and close.

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Exporting your joomla database with phpMyAmin:

Once you have logged into your phpMyAdmin on your server, do the following-


  • On the left column, you have the listing of the available databases.
  • Click on the link of the database you wish to export for example -dtb1.


  • Once you have clicked on dtb1, list of tables in dtb1 will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the export tab.
  • Click on the button labeled-GO
  • Save your file as "sql"
  • Note where you have saved your file.


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Publish modules to the "offcanvas" position.