Vitamins and minerals


Vitamin E.Sources-avacado,eggs,nuts,sweet potatoes,sunflowe seeds.Helps brain function optimimly

Vitamin C.Sources-oranges,kiwi,mango,pineapple,berries.Powerful antioxidants which neutralize harmful free radicalVitamin B2.AIds in transmissoion of neuro impulses.
Vitamin B1.Help in the conduction of nerve impulses



fuel tips

ZInc from nuts,pumpkin seeds,chocolate,spinach,beef.It improves brain function as well as boost the immune system.

Iron.From-Nuts,seafood,leafy greens,seafoods,peas,beef.It improves attention and concentration.

Magnesium.From-Whole grains, leafy greens. It helps in the conversion of B vitamins in their active form.

.Omega-3- Sources,sardine,Omega-3- Sources,sardine,nuts.


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