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What lungs want.

Exercises-It help strengthen and increase lungs efficiency

Water-Help maintaining hydrated lungs, cleansing the blood vessels going in and out of lungs.

Fruits and vegetables


Vitamins,chlorophyll,minerals.Sources-cabbage,broccoli,kale,spinach which help neutralize hamrful radicals away from lungs.



Sources-apple,pomegranates,tomatoes,carrots vegetables,oranges,grapefruits.

Inhibit and slows growth of tumors, cancer cells.

Vitamin C.

Sources-apple,oranges,guava,berries,carrots,pumpkin.THey boost the immune system and help maintain healthy lungs cells.

Magnesium, the amino acid.

Sources-beans,seeds,nuts,fish.Good for the lungs and cardiovascular system


Sources-carrot.apricots,apple.Good for respiratory tract linings inhibit lung infections.


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