Vitamins and Minerals

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Vitamin A:Carrots,oranges,sweet potatoes,pumpkin, diary product.

It helps the surface of the eyes,reducing the risk of eye infections.

Vitamin C:Oranges ,citrus,berries,guava,sweet potatoes.

Important for strong immune system

and healthy blood vessels in your eyes leading to a healthy eyes.

Vitamin E:Almond nut,avacado,peanut,sunflower seeds.

It reduces risks of age-related macular degenation and cataracts.

Zinc:Pumpkin seeds,wholegrain,cereals,oysters,beef,eggs.

Zinc mineral is important for a healthy retina

Fats and nuts


Omega 3 fatty acids and nuts:fish,walnut,almond,avacado.

Help prevent dry eyes,promote healthy retina.

Dairy product and leafy greens

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Dairy product:Calcium,vitamin A,zinc from milk yogurt,cheese,ghee that protects the cornea.

Lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidant from kale,spinach,brocolli

that lowers risks of developing macular degenation and cataracts.

Eggs also promote healthy eyes.

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