Best foods for healthy nails



Vitamins B,zinc,copper,Amino acids:Green peas,beans,eggs.

It helps improve strength of nails and prevent dry nails.

Biotin from eggs,beans for thick finger nails.

Vitamins and minerals

High potassium food

Vitamin E:Almond, wheat germ,avocado,peanut butter.

It reduces risks of cell damage,dark  nails.

Vitamin C:From-oranges ,citrus,berries,wheat germ,guava,kiwi fruit.

An important vitamin in production of collagen that keeps our nail thick and strong.

Vitamin B12:Fish,nuts ,leafy greens for nail strengthening.

Zinc and magnesium.

:From-sunflower,leafy greens,banana,pupkin seeds,liver,milk.

They prevents nails from flaking.

Water for hydration.

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