Menus in joomla are for easy,organised navigation.

                                    First, we need to create a category, add the name of the menu

                                      and show that  on the site.

                                   Go to menu then menu manager


  •             Enter the name of your menu in title field.
  •             Click save and close.

     Add a link:Go to menus, your menu, and create NEW.

  • Enter the name of your article in the menu Title field.
  • Click on select next to menu Item Type and you will see a pop up screen.
  • Click select/change and you will see a pop up screen.Go ahead and select your article.
  • Click-save and close and you have a menu link.


We now publish our Menu link:

. Go to Extensions, Module Manager.

  • . Click New in the top-right corner and click Menu inside the pop-up.

Fill the following:

  • Title. The name your visistors will see on front-end.
  • Select position-click select and pop up screen which allows you to select your preferred position.
  • Select menu: select main menu or your other created menu.
  • Click-save and close

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