Food good for our health.


.Food good for your heart.


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Antioxidants and Vitamin C-Sources-Berries, mangoes, peaches, cherries.

Provide stress buster, boost the immune system and neutralize harmful radicals.

Whole Grain

.To Eat Not to Eat Whole Grains

Vitamin B,zinc,magnsesuin,fibre,iron.sources.Beans.legumes,wheat,barley,millet,quinoa.Provide nutrients to the heart.

They digest slowly,regulating blood sugar.

Leafy greens.


Vitamin C, minerals,fiber.Sources-kale, spinach, turnips tops. Help maintain a healthy heart.
Broccoli packed with B vitamins, fiber and folic acid which help reduce stress,panic.

Also, a source of antioxidants which prevent infection.

Dark chocolate. A study shows cocoa contain phenols-anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent and reduces risks of heart diseases

Fats and nuts.Sources-fish,nuts,tuna,walnuts.Contain Omega-3 fatty acids nutrients to the heart.

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